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Introduction: What is BB-Reader?

BB-Reader is a computer program developed to simplify the usage of the huge amount of data in the BioMagResBank.
BB-Reader is designed for protein-chemists dealing with NMR or for NMR-spectroscopists working on proteins. It allows you to enter the chemical shift(s) of a peak (or - in the case of a 2D or 3D spectrum - cross-peak), and it will search the BioMagRes-file for possible assignments of that signal. Based upon the characteristics of the spectrum you are dealing with, it will provide you with a list of possible assignments along with a ranking to give you help for the final decision.
You can specify which kind of spectrum you are dealing with and BB-Reader will filter those cross-peaks, which can be expected to appear in such a type of spectrum.
To get an overview over the full capabilities of BB-Reader, spend some minutes and read the manual . Look here for a sample session to get the feeling.

Legal Stuff - Warranty Disclaimer

The software and accompanying instructions are provided "as is" without warranty of any kind. The authors do not warrant, guarantee, or make any representations regarding the use, or the results of the use of the software or accompanying instructions in terms of correctness, accuracy, reliabilty, currentness or otherwise. The entire risk as to the results and performance of the software is assumed by you. If the software or instructions are defective, you, and not the authors, assume the entire cost of all necessary servicing, repair or correction.

BB-Reader is copyrighted software. You may use and distribute it free of charge, but it must not be sold or offered as an inducement to buy other products. Moreover modified source-code must not be distributed and the source-code must not be redistributed without the accompanying files (manual).

Using BB-Reader for Scientific Work

If you used BB-Reader for scientific work, and you are publishing that work, please cite the following article: Wimmer, R., Müller, N., and Petersen, S.B., "B-B-Reader: A Computer Program for the Combined Use of the BioMagResBank and the PDB databases," J. Biomol. NMR 9, 101-104 (1997).

How do I get BB-Reader?

First, create a directory on your computer, call it something like "BB_Reader.dir". Download the tarfile "BBReader.tar"; to this directory, and unpack it with "tar -xf BBReader.tar". You will find two files, "BBReader.c" contains the source-code and "BBR2-manual.txt" contains the manual as text-file. The manual will tell you how to proceed.

Who wrote BB-Reader?

BB-Reader was written by a group consisting of:

Reinhard Wimmer (Dept. of Life Sciences, Aalborg University, Denmark)
Norbert Müller (Dept. of Organic Chemistry, Johannes-Kepler-University of Linz, Austria)
Steffen B. Petersen (Dept. of Physics and Nanotechnology, Aalborg University, Denmark)