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BMRB Entry 20101

Title: Lipid-induced Conformation of Substance P   PubMed: 9283976

Authors: Cowsik, Sudha; Lucke, C.; Ruterjans, H.

Citation: Cowsik, S.; Lucke, C.; Ruterjans, H.. "Lipid-induced conformation of substance P."  J. Biomol. Struct. Dyn. 15, 27-36 (1997).

Assembly members:
Substance_P, polymer, 12 residues, Formula weight is not available

Natural source:   Common Name: not available   Taxonomy ID: not available   Superkingdom: not available   Kingdom: not available   Genus/species: not available not available

Experimental source:   Production method: recombinant technology

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1H chemical shifts74

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Entity Assembly IDEntity NameEntity ID
1Substance P1


Entity 1, Substance P 12 residues - Formula weight is not available

2   METNH2


sample_1: DPC, [U-2H], 43 mM; Substance P 6.25 mM; D2O 10%; H2O 90%

sample_conditions_1: pH: 5; temperature: 303 K


NameSampleSample stateSample conditions
2D 1H-1H TOCSYsample_1isotropicsample_conditions_1
2D 1H-1H NOESYsample_1isotropicsample_conditions_1
2D DQF-COSYsample_1isotropicsample_conditions_1


DIANA, Guntert, Braun and Wuthrich - structure solution

NMR spectrometers:

  • Bruker AM 500 MHz

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