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Listing of Recently Updated BMRB NMR-STAR files

Entries updated in the last month, starting from most recent update to least recent one.
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Entry IDRelease DateTitle
18595 2017-08-22Solid-state NMR 13C and 15N resonance assignments of a seven-transmembrane helical protein Anabaena Sensory Rhodopsin
25801 2017-08-15Human DNA-Damage-Inducible 2 Protein Is Structurally and Functionally Distinct from Its Yeast Ortholog
30012 2017-08-15High-resolution three-dimensional NMR structure of the KRAS proto-oncogene promoter reveals key features of a G-quadruplex involved in transcriptional regulation
27041 2017-08-15The PipX protein, when not bound to its targets, has its signalling C-terminal helix in a flexed conformation
27072 2017-08-11Functional and dynamic polymerization of the ALS-linked protein TDP-43 antagonizes its pathologic aggregation
27058 2017-08-11MOAG-4 promotes the aggregation of alpha-synuclein by competing with self-protective electrostatic interactions.
27065 2017-08-11MAK33 antibody light chain amyloid fibrils are similar to oligomeric precursors.
27084 2017-08-11beta-Ginkgotides: Hyperdisulfide-constrained peptides from Ginkgo biloba.
27099 2017-08-11Bacteriophage Tail Tube Assembly Studied by Proton-Detected 4D Solid-State NMR
26040 2017-07-26Investigation of cationicity and structure of pseudin-2 analogues for enhanced bacterial selectivity and anti-inflammatory activity
26658 2017-07-26The zinc efflux activator SczA protects Streptococcus pneumoniae serotype 2 D39 from intracellular zinc toxicity