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Tag category Chem_comp_angle

Key tags (columns):

Tags in table Chem_comp_angle:

TagDescriptiondata typeMandatory
Atom_ID_1Pointer to '_Chem_comp_atom.Atom_ID'atcodeyes
Atom_ID_2Pointer to '_Chem_comp_atom.Atom_ID'atcodeyes
Atom_ID_3Pointer to '_Chem_comp_atom.Atom_ID'atcodeyes
Comp_IDPointer to '_Chem_comp.ID'codeyes
DetailsText providing additional information regarding the angle formed by the three atoms.text 
Entry_IDPointer to '_Entry.ID'codeyes
IDThe value of must uniquely identify a record in the Chem_comp_tor list.intyes
Sf_IDPointer to '_Chem_comp.Sf_ID'intyes