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Tag category Entity

Key tags (columns):

Tags in table Entity:

TagDescriptiondata typeMandatory
Ambiguous_chem_comp_sitesA boolean flag that indicates the presence or absence of multiple conformational states for specific chemical components of the entity.yes_no 
Ambiguous_conformational_statesA boolean flag to indicate the presence of multiple conformational states for the entity that have not been clearly defined.yes_no 
BMRB_codeA code for the entity that uniquely identifies the entity within a library of entities maintained at BMRB.code 
Calc_isoelectric_pointThe theoretical isoelectric point for the entity.float 
DB_query_dateLast date that a query was conducted to locate entries in databases that are related to this molecular entity.yyyy-mm-dd 
DB_query_revised_last_dateLast date that the table of related database entries was last updated.yyyy-mm-dd 
DetailsText providing additional details regarding this entity.text 
EC_numberEnzyme Commission numberline 
Entry_IDPointer to '_Entry.ID'codeyes
Formula_weightFormula mass in daltons of the entity.float 
Formula_weight_exptlExperimentally determined formula weight for the molecular entity.float 
Formula_weight_exptl_methMethod used to experimentally determine the formula weight for the molecular entity.line 
FragmentEntity fragment description(s).text 
IDAn integer value that is the unique identifier for the entity within the entry.intyes
MutationDetails about any entity mutation(s).text 
NameA brief name commonly used for the entity.lineyes
Nonpolymer_comp_IDPointer to '_Chem_comp.ID'code 
Nonpolymer_comp_labelPointer to a saveframe of the category chem_comp.framecode 
Nstd_chiralityA boolean flag that indicates the presence or absence of non-standard chiral atoms in the entity.yes_no 
Nstd_linkageA flag indicating the presence or absence of non-standard linkages between monomers in the biopolymer.yes_no 
Nstd_monomerA boolean flag that indicates the presence (N) or absence (Y) of non-standard chemical components in the entity.yes_no 
Number_of_monomersThe number of chemical components that make up a polymer 
Number_of_nonpolymer_componentsNon-polymer compounds like ATP or NAD may be comprised of more than one chemical component. If you want to describe each of the components in the non-polymer enter the number of components that exist in the non-polymer 
ParamagneticA boolean flag that indicates the paramagnetic state of the entity.yes_no 
Parent_entity_IDPointer to '_Entity.ID'int 
Polymer_author_defined_seqThe author may provide a numbering scheme for a biopolymer that is different from that defined by the public databases. This scheme may contain non-sequential numbering and the use of alphabetic characters.text 
Polymer_author_seq_detailsA text description of the sequence for this entity.text 
Polymer_common_typeA code that indicates the common type of polymer to which the entity belongs.line 
Polymer_seq_one_letter_codeThe sequence of a polymer entity expressed using the one-letter code for standard residues and an X for non-standard residues.text 
Polymer_seq_one_letter_code_canThe sequence of a polymer entity expressed using only the standard one-letter code for chemical components.text 
Polymer_strand_IDThe PDB strand/chain id(s) corresponding to this polymer entity.code 
Polymer_typeEntity polymer types include protein DNA RNA DNA/RNA hybrids and carbohydrates.line 
Polymer_type_detailsAdditional information about the polymer type.text 
Sf_categoryCategory assigned to the information in the saveframe.codeyes
Sf_framecodeA descriptive label that uniquely identifies this entity from all other chemically unique entities in the molecular assembly studied.framecodeyes
Sf_IDAn interger value that is the unique identifier for the saveframe that applies across the archive. This value is not stable and may be reassigned each time the data are loaded into a database system.intyes
Src_methodThe method by which the sample for the entity was produced. Entities isolated directly from natural sources (tissues soil samples etc.) are expected to have further information in the entity natural source category. Entities isolated from genetically manipulated sources are expected to have further information in the entity experimental source category.line 
Target_identifierThe TargetDB ID for the protein in the molecular system studied.line 
Thiol_stateA keyword that describes the state of the thiol groups in the entity.line 
TypeEntities are of two types: polymer or non-polymer.line