Biological Magnetic Resonance Data Bank

A Repository for Data from NMR Spectroscopy on Proteins, Peptides, Nucleic Acids, and other Biomolecules
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Automated CS-Rosetta submission procedure

It is possible to automate submissions to the CS-Rosetta server using a scripting language like Python and including return_type=json in the URL to recieve a response that can be interpreted programmatically.

To make it easier we have provided a sample submission script in Python here. If you have the python-zenity module installed it will interactively prompt you for the submission information. If not, you must provide the appropriate information on the command line. You can download the script using:


To see what options you have when making a submission, use the --help argument to the script, or look at the source.

To track the progress of an existing entry, use the --key argument to provide the entry key you would like to track.